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Vineeth-Aswani Engagement

Vineeth Warrier ( S/o of Sukhapurath Variath Subramania Warrier & Vadavannur Variath Bindu and GS/o. of Pulpatta Variath Soolapani Warrier and Vadavannur Variath Gouri Varasiar & Kavapra Madathil Variath Bala Warrier and Vellalur Variath Sulochana Varassiar) engaged to Aswani S. K Warrier ( D/o. Valapuram Kavil Variath Sankarankutty Warrier and Elavadath Madathil Variath Balamani S K Warrier and GD/o. Cheeniyum Kunnath Soolapani Warrier and Pulamanthol Variath Bharghavi Varassiar & Thalavil Variath Kunjikrishna Warrier and Elavadath Madathil Karthiyani Varassiar) today 30th Aug 2021.

The marriage will be solemnized on 2nd December 2021 at Angadippuram Thirumandhakunnu Temple.


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