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Warrier Samajam Delhi - AGM & Onam celebrations

Warrier Samajam Delhi -NCR  region conducted its AGM and Onam Celebration  at MP's club at South Avenue. on 2nd October 2022.

In the AGM new office bearers were selected for the period of 2022-24. They are :

1. Mr. Haridas - President

2. Mrs. Geetha Lakshmi - Secratary

3. Mr. Venugopal - Treasurer

4. Mr. Sudhir

5. Mr. Giri

6. Mr. Rajeev

7. Mr. Damodaran

8. Mr. Ramesh MV

9. Mr. Radhakrishnan

10. Col. Suresh

11. Mrs. Dhanya

12. Mrs. Raji

13. Mrs. Sita

14. Mr. Akshay

15. Mr. P T Satheesh

Congratulations and best wishes to WSD members and its new office bearers :

More Photos at

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