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Thrippekulathu Thekke Variam (Irinjalakuda) conducted their online-virtual kudumbayogam on Saturday,

Thrippekulathu Thekke Variam (Irinjalakuda) conducted their online-virtual kudumbayogam on Saturday,30th May 2020.

A whopping 57 members of the family made their presence felt with the ages ranging from 2 to 83 covering 4 generations and with a 50-50 mix of male and female.

Family members connected from Kerala, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Vellore, UAE and the US.

The virtual connect was scheduled after a deliberation, considering a time which would be convenient to people residing in different time zones.

The excitement was very evident as some of them were eagerly calling up each other to get more familiarised with the app before the virtual kudumbayogam began.

All the generations participated with equal enthusiasm making the virtual kudumbayogam a grand success!

A new normal family get together in the current times Names of those participated:

Lakshmikutty Warrier, Mukundan Warrier, Sarada Warrier, Girija Warrier, Saraswathi Warrier, Rajan Warrier, Sekharan, Santha, Sekharankutty, Unnikrishnan, Sethumadhavan, Padmam, Rudran, Gireesan, Nandakumar, Indira, Muralidharan, Surendran, Preetha, Sunil, Sajeev, Usha Sekharankutty, Sunitha, Usha Sethumadhavan, Sankarankutty, Anitha, Sita, Shyam, Rasmi, Ajith, Anil, Priya Bimal, Smitha, Kavitha, Prashant, Praseetha, Sharad, Sajith, Anita, Aathira, Varun, Vaishnavi, Vysakh, Anand, Aparna, Mohit, Anjali, Navaneeth, Samyu, Rithu, Swathi, Sanjay, Krishna Kumar, Nakul, Vishnu, Athul and Neeraj

A new normal family get together.

Congratulations to participants and organizers: &

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