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Suswaram -24 by Chennai Warrier Samjam

“Suswaram -24,” the Open Singing Competition conducted by Chennai Warrier Samajam (CWS), was a grand success. Held on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at Ragasudha Hall in Mylapore, the event featured three categories of participants: Juniors, Youths, and Seniors. The competition turned out to be a flawless event of unparalleled excellence, thanks to the dedication, sincerity, and meticulous planning of the organizing team. The entire program was arranged with professional precision, ensuring there was no confusion or time lapse, and the event proceeded smoothly from start to finish.

The involvement of three eminent and highly experienced judges also played a crucial role in the event's success. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of music added a layer of credibility and respect to the competition. The judges' ability to provide insightful feedback and fair evaluations was greatly appreciated by both the participants and the audience.

Additionally, the singing quality of the participants was another significant contributing factor to the event’s success. Contestants in all three categories showcased exceptional talent, making it challenging for the judges to decide the winners. The Juniors displayed impressive vocal skills and stage presence beyond their years, while the Youths brought a fresh and energetic vibe to their performances. The Seniors, with their seasoned voices and deep emotional expression, captivated everyone present. The enthusiastic participation of the contestants, coupled with the well-organized nature of the event, created an atmosphere of celebration.

Congratulations to organisers & participants:

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