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Subhadra S Warrier passed away

Subhadra S Warrier, w/o Ukkath Sankarankutty Warrier, Smrithi, Plot No 4, Ambili Nagar Tripunithura aged 89, expired at Amritha Hospital on 27.11.22 at 12.27 am.

Children : Sudhir, Shailaja, Dr. Sujit.

Daughter in law : Shailaja, Sreedevi, Smitha.

Grandchildren: Sachin, Sneha, Shruthi, Sunand, Sunaina, and Swetha.

Cremation at Tripunithura Crematorium on 27.11.2022 at 01.00 pm.

May the atma attains moksha :

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Nov 27, 2022


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