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DSWG Family Meet-AGM

DSWG Family Meet-AGM

The Warriers of UAE had a Family together on 11th May(Saturday) at Nesto Miah Mall,Sharjah.

The event started in the evening at 6pm and most of the members attended the program.

The program started with Lamp lighting by Core team and followed by Prayer song.

It was good to see the children participating in dances,songs and poetries.

The Ladies presented with some fabulous dances while Men entertained with lovely songs.

There were some new members who had joined DSWG.

The last year activities was presented by Secretary Devi Girish and financials by Treasurer Somith Warrier.

The Returning Officer Anand Warrier presented the new team 2024-25 to General members.

President :Indira Prasad.

Vice President:Arunn Varriyath.

Secretary:Devi Girish.

Jt. Secretary :Nikita Anand.

Treasurer:Somith Warrier.

EC Members:

Anil Kutty

Anita Warrier

Dilip Warrier

Deepak Warrier

Jaya Anil

Jyothi Manoj.

MD Warrier

Prasad Warrier

Ramesh TV

Sudha Warrier.

It was a great evening with good interaction with all members with a promise to have interactive programs with members: reported by DSWG

Congratulations to Organizers & participants:

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