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DSWG Family Meet - AGM

DSWG Family Meet-AGM

The Warriers of UAE had a Family get ogether on June 3rd(Saturday)at Hotel Coral Deira,Dubai.

The event started in the evening and with most of the members attending the program.

The program started with Lighting of the Lamp and Prayer song.

It was followed by dance and songs from the children which was truly entertaining with some new talents coming in.

An Emcee was arranged who was interactive with all members with fun filled games.To make it more competitive,we had two teams competing each other.

The enthusiasm was seen amongst the members and each members were having fun with kids and adults equally participating.The Deejay played the music to keep it foot tapping.

The last year activities was presented by Secretary,Indu Prasad and financials by Treasurer,Somith Warrier.

The Returning Officer presented the new team of 2023-24 to general members and each of one them was welcomed with applause.

President :Indu Prasad

Vice President :Arun Variath

Secretary :Devi Girish

Jt Secretary :Nikita Anand

Treasurer :Somith Warrier

Members :


Anita Warrier


Dilip Warrier

Deepak Warrier

Divya Pradeep

Pooja Warrier

Prabha Kailash

Prasad Warrier

Ramesh T V

The students of Grade 10 and 12 was presented with Token of Appreciation.

It was great evening with good interaction with all members and was concluded with a promise that to have unique and interactive programs with members.

Congratulations to Organizers, members & Participants:

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