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Congratulations to Janaki Easwar

Janaki Easwar, A Melbourne schoolgirl is the youngest contestant ever to perform at the popular reality TV show ‘The Voice’. As Janaki sang Billie Eilish’s ‘Lovely’, the performance made all the judges turn their chairs around during the blind audition.

Janaki Easwar is D/o. Anoop Divakaran (S/o. Divakara Varier (Kizhakkeppatt Variyath) & Jayashree, Ayappan variyath (Maruthonkara)) & Divya (D/o.Ravindran and Radhika) from Calicut.

Arun Gopan, the famous singer, her uncle.

Congratulations & All the Best from

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Surendra Kumar
Surendra Kumar
16 août 2021


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