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Baroda Anand warriers - 30th Annual Day

30th Annual Day of BARODA-ANAND Warriers has been celebrated today, i.e. 29th January 2023 at Club House, Nilamber Bellisimo, Vasna-Bhayli Road, Baroda.   

The event started at 11.00 hours with prayers recited by Mr TV Harimadhavan.

Prior to the meeting, a silent prayer was held to express our sorrow and paying homage to the departed souls of this Group, and also other dear and near ones of our family members.

Mr VKR Warrier welcomed the members and briefed about the financial status and other highlights of last one year. 

To commemorate the 30th Annual Day Celebration, a draft Digital Directory has been released today and forwarded to the members with a request to update their family details as soon as possible so that the same can be incorporated in the Final  Digital Directory. 

A deliberation has been taken place to work out certain charity activities under Baroda-Anand Warriers Group to the unprivileged group in and around Baroda / Anand-Vallabh Vidyanagar as a part of our Annual Meet or at the time of Onam Feast or at a suitable time convenient to all.   In this regard, Mr Gokuldas reinstated the inspirational speech made by Mr T Vijayan Warrier, Western Regional Area, WCW, Mr K Suresh Warrier, General Secretary WCW, during our Rajata Jubilee Celebrations held in 2018, & Mr TV Sekharankutty, President-Varier Samajam, Mumbai, wherein they had motivated us to come out with such charity programs and take their support and guidance wherever necessary. Participated members were positive to the suggestion and consented for possible support towards such humanitarian gesture.  

Members wholeheartedly appreciated the esteemed presence of one of the founder member family - Mr V Haridas & Mrs Vanaja Haridas.  Their presence really added energetic flavour to the whole event.  

Mr D Chandran, from Anand delightfully expressed his happiness about the unity of the group and maintaining the same without losing the spirit.

We missed the presence of few member families as they could not remain present today.  

The Songs by Master Pranav, Mr Bimal & Mr Pranav, Mrs Valsala Chandran, Mrs Girija Ramachandran, Group song by Mrs Jayashree, Mrs Girija & Mrs Asha, Dance by Ms Shruti Ramesh, Anthakshri between the entire group etc were given a striking pleasure to the participants, which were conveniently arranged pre and post lunch.

Mr Haridas addressed the group and expressed his sincere feeling and continuing association with this Group since its inception.   Mr Indira Mukundan expressed her & her family’s gratitude to the members for their active co-operation always extended. 

Today’s event has been clubbed with the Monthly meet of Baroda Warriers (12K of 17S) of January, 2023 and further planned to hold next gathering at the residence of Mrs Prasana & Mr Harimadhavan.

Vote of thanks expressed by Mr Gokuldas to all the participants, especially to Mr & Mrs Haridas for their presence, and also to Mr Bimal, Mrs Priya, Mrs Indira Mukundan & Mr U Mukundan with their sincere support only we could enjoy the event at a most convenient place. 

The programme was concluded around 15.45 hours.


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