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Oman Warriers Onam/Diwali celebrations

OMAN WARRIERS came together for  Onam / Diwali celebration on 28th October 2022. Event started with a welcome speech, highlighting  significance of Diwali .The day from 10.30 am to 7 pm was lined with activities such as dance , singing , instrumental music, magic show , games by an external organiser and so much more . North Indian food  was served keeping the theme of the day in mind . Everyone young and elderly participated actively in various activities . There was never a dull moment . An organising committee worked in an amazing team spirit to make the day memorable for each one . Sharing our Oman warrier family photo .

Everyone left feeling they were ready for more such fun gatherings.  May our tribe increase and remain happy always .

*Congratulations to organizers & participants* :

More photos at

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