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Akash married Lakshmi

Akash Shyam Manohar , S/o Avittathoor Shyam Manoharan and Girija Shyam Manoharan, (Hare Krishna, Akathethara, Palakkad) married Lakshmi (D/0 Narayankutty and Srikala Narayanankutty, (Sopanam, Poovani, Kolazhy, Thrissur)) on June 28th 2023 at Shri Krishna temple Guruvayoor and had further functions in Thrissur Koustubham auditorium on the same day.

Congratulations & best wishes:

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M G Warrier Warrier
M G Warrier Warrier
07 juil. 2023

Congratulations and Best Wishes 🙏

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