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May 12, 2021
Guidelines for posting in the WARRIERS group & connected media of 🙏You are requested to send the matter typed & in a ready to post format with photo, link , Warriam details (to highlight warrier content) for immediate posting. Else it may take time, as many posts are pending as they need a lot of work, to make it a post, (having details so as anyone can easily recognize the person connected with the post) and to make post more interesting to all. 🙏🏼 If it is related to cultural activities or songs etc etc. It will be posted under Talent Corner section, provided it satisfies all guidelines Mentioned here. 🙏The person/s related to the post should be member of WARRIERS group in FB and member of "Warriers Broadcast" we should be able to tag them to the post. 🙏You should add at least 5 (five) of your warrier friends/ family members (who are not already in the group) to the Group to get more viewership to the group which is very much important for us 👍😊. Sometimes we find the close relatives or even the person related to the post is not joined the group. 🙏Post for getting more likes /for contests are not allowed. 🙏🏼 Articles already posted or published in any other media will not be published 🙏Final decision to post or not will be taken by admins of 🙏For faster communication please send your messages to whatsapp number 9363143675 🙏Those sending the post details should verify that, the above conditions are satisfied, before sending it. Else it will not be considered and no further correspondence will be entertained 🙏 Please note that this is a free service for charitable and social cause. Expecting your cooperation & support :

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