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Savithri Warrier, 82, passed away (14-04-21)

Savithri Warrier (82) of Puthan Warriam, Mayannur, (Ottappalam) & wife of T.K.Warrier (Kunju Warrier)(Thekkepattu Warriam, Manisseri) and settled at Alathur, Palakkad, passed away today (14-04-2021) morning. Children: Ashok, Asha.

Daughter in law: Sunitha.

Son in law: Shankar.

Grand children: Piyush, Pavitra, Tushar, Varsha.

*Cremation at Chandra Nagar (Palakkad) Electric Crematorium today at 9 AM*

May her atma attains moksha🙏🏼:

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