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Radhakrishna Warrier MG passed away

Updated: May 20, 2022

M. G. Radhakrishnan (Aniyan), 68, of Manivelil Warriam, Muthukulam, ( Alappuzha Dist) passed away today (19th May 2022) at his residence at Enathu. Wife: Late Latha (Sreenilayam, Enathu) Children: Abhilash, Athira. DIL: Ramyasree. SIL: Gopakumar.

Cremation on 20th May at his residence at 11AM

May his atma attain moksha🙏 :

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Rammohan Varier
Rammohan Varier
May 21, 2022

Sorry to hear the news. Atmavinu sadgathi undavatte!

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