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Congratulations to S P Warrier (Sunny)

Congratulations S P Warrier( Sunny) on his new book " Relationship 360°"*, Launched Yesterday. He hails from *Patterkonathu Warriem Palakkad*, His wife is Sita E, from Chirakkal Edakkunni Warriem. There only Daughter Nanditha Warrier is an Architect. All three are currently settled in Chennai. He is also serving as the secretary of Chennai Warrier Samajam.

The book is about Positive relationship with everyone around you, which is highly essential for success of everyone. In some cases, good relationship alone can fetch you results which cannot be done even by spending huge amount of money. Whether you are a business person, working person, professional or a home maker, whatever be the case, cordial relationship with everyone is of prime importance. follow the link for more details:

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