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Instructions to Visitors of a Temple

1.Visiting a temple must be with devoted mind, clean body and clean dresses.

2.Avoid disturbance to other devotees by chanting and praying in utmost low sound.

3. Talk temple related matters only inside the temple.

4. Always give way to Temple Poojaris and Thanthri.

5. Ladies on the left and gents on the right sides of the deity is the rule while worshipping, without crossing the central thread line from the deity.

6. 10 days after the death and birth of relatives and 7 days after menstrual periods for ladies are forbidden for temple visit.

7. If unknowingly touched the balikkallu by foot while going round, pray to forgive mentally but touch not by hand because touching by hand also is forbidden.

8. Receive the thirtha by right hand, supported by left hand and sip a drop of it and sprinkle the rest over your head. This is to purify the mind and body.

9. Always keep left while going round in the temple leaving the balikkals on the right side.

10. Going round the temple must be done along with chanting prayers of the concerned deity step by step without moving hands.

11. The numbers for going round the deities are : One for Ganapathi, Two for Surya, Three for Siva and Four for Vishnu and Devi, Five for Sastha, Six for Subrahmanian and Seven for Peepal Tree.

12. Bow down in front of Ganapathi is important. It is done for attaining special desires. For this purpose stand on the left leg and touch the floor by the toe of the right leg near the left side of the right leg and hold the left ear by the middle and index fingers of the right hand and hold the right ear by the middle and index fingers of the left hand and bow down to touch the floor by the elbow. Repeat it for 12 times for best results.

13. Going round in the temple in the morning is for curing diseases, mid-day for fulfilling desires, evening for washing sins, mid-night for Moksha.