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How To Enter In Siva Temple

Touch the doorstep of the towergate by hand with worship and enter from the east.

Coming to the flagpost worship the eight dikpals seated at the foot of the post, anantha beneath the post, and Brahma atop of the post. After completing the rounding enter the temple through the southern side of the flag post and big balikkal and worship the homakunda, then enter through eastern door and prostrate before Siva by the left side, touch and worship the Nandikeswara on his rear side.

Then go round keeping the balikkals on the right side coming to the south door of the Sreekoil worship the Ganapathi and Dakshinamoorthy seated in meditating posture and chinmudra there and move to worship the Sastha and Ganapathi, Parvathi, Subrahmanian and Chamundeswari, all by keeping left and reach the somasoothra (drain from the sreekoil) to worship the Thazhikakudam, and unnibhootham beneath the thirtha outlet and return without crossing the drain and keeping the balikkals on your right side, keeping left by the sreekoil up to the drain in and worship the sun and return keeping left through the side of the well.

Coming to the front of the deity worship and go by back and go round the big balikkal and go to the homa pura and go round the temple keeping balikkals and temple on the right side. Worship Parvathi at the western door and move similarly to worship the Nagaraja and Brahmarakshas and go to the Peepal Tree. Go round it for seven times by chanting the manthra:

Moolatho Brahma roopaya
Madhyatho Vishnu roopine
Agrathah sivaroopaya
Vriksha rajaya they namah.

Completing the pradakshina go home mentally chanting the Lords names.